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Truax Builders Supply displays many decorative wood doors in our showroom at 10949 SE Division St, Portland, Oregon. The displays represent many of the design choices for both exterior and interior doors offered by the manufacturers listed below, including a variety of wood species, panel details, and glass designs. Truax offers professional door replacement services as well as window replacement. We work with contractors and do-it-yourselfers to help them make an informed choice from the wide selection of wood doors available. Due to the many designs, finish options and entryway configurations, wood doors are ideal for many door replacement projects. Of course they are also perfect for new construction. They are a great choice where high exposure to weather is not a major issue. Our suppliers offer both exterior and interior style and rail doors.

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Truax Builders Supply has a beautiful display of Simpson doors in our showroom. Please visit our Simpson page to get more information on the many door styles, glass designs,  and wood species available. They offer standard style doors and well as custom made wood doors to your exact specifications. Simpson offers doors in many wood species, and an almost limitless array of designs and sizes. Simpson has developed several products that help resist the harsh weather conditions we have in the Northwest, including Water Barrier technology to stop water before it can penetrate the wood.

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Rogue Valley wood doors are made in the Northwest and come in a wide palate of designs, with and without glass. They also offer a variety of wood species to meet the needs and tastes of discerning home owners and building professionals.

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Buffelen has been making beautiful wood doors in the Northwest for over 100 Years. These classic wood doors are American made in Washington state. They have kept the traditional look of our historic door designs while updating construction techniques to meet the needs of the 21st century. They will make almost any size wood door using many different species of wood.


All of the wood doors described above are available in custom sizes as well as standard sizes, and in a wide variety of wood species. Truax can supply almost any door style in whatever species of wood specified. We enjoy a challenge, so please let us know what you are looking for. We will look for the door you want at the most competitlve price. Many interior doors will be painted, and we can often supply a paint grade primed door for much less than a stain grade one.